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3 Inch Borehole Submersible Pump

Short Description:

  • ◎ Structure: Multistage pump
  • ◎ Motor power: Electric
  • ◎ Motor type: Oil filled cooling,100% copper winding coil
  • ◎ Body material: Stainless steel
  • ◎ Impeller material: plastic
  • ◎ Outlet material: Brass

Product Detail

Product Tags


commonly utilized in factories, mines, building, homes in both urban and rural areas, and agricultural irrigation and drainage. Particularly for pumping water from deep wells down and moving clean or unclean water.
Installation in wells, discharge tubes, water tanks, and other places is a good fit.
for the use of reservoirs or wells for water supply.
your lawn, garden, lot, or small holding with irrigation.
irrigation, pressure-boosting devices, dewatering systems, and other civic and industrial uses.

Working conditions

Insulation class:B
Protection grade:IP 68
Highest temperature of liquid:35℃

Technical data


More details or request

100% full copper wire,with new material stator.
Single phase 220V-240V/50HZ, Three phase 380V-415V/50HZ.
60HZ is also ok for making
Priority 304# S/S shaft for the motor
Capacitor inside of the motor, or with control box installed with capacitor
1.5M-2M cable for standard length of the motor,longer cable length as your requirement
offer flat cable and round cable for choose,different cost
(6)Outlet and suction support
Three types material: Brass , stainless steel and cast iron.

Production line



With long cable,packed in Strong cardboard box with foam padding or combined with cylindrical carton


Purchase discussion

The fluid, what is it?
What's the temperature of the clean water, the unclean water, the particles, or the slurry?
What performance requirements do you have, such as water flow and head, and which motor power do you prefer?
Specific voltage and frequency, three phases or one?
Other requirements from the customer include pump type, material for parts, cable type and length, and so forth.
Using all available information, we then choose the pump and provide you a recommendation.

Installation instruction

WARNING: Do not ever let the pump run dry!
As a result, the liquid level that must be pushed must always be above the level of the holes in the stainless steel intake filter.
A steel or nylon rope should be used to hook the pump when removing it from the well or inserting it into the well because plastic delivery pipes are being used.
Make sure the well is clear of sand, straight, and wide enough to ensure the pump's passage before setting up the pump.


adhere to the ISO 9001 quality system, CE standard.
one-year warranty; for repairs after the first year, we offer pump components.

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