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MH Series Centrifugal Type Water Pump

Short Description:

Centrifugal pumps can be utilized in both domestic and commercial settings to transfer clean liquids and non-aggressive chemical fluids. The hydraulic system has two features: a high capacity and a low head.

Product Detail

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These pumps can handle fluids like pure water free of abrasive particles that are not chemically harmful to the pump's internal parts.
In particular, they are used for the automatic distribution of water from small and medium-sized surge tanks, transportation of water, watering of plants, and other domestic and civil applications. They are virtually maintenance free, very dependable, simple to operate, and silent.

Working conditions

Max temperature of Fluid up to +60℃
Max Ambient Temperature up to 40℃
Suction lift up to 8m

Technical data


Technical Description


1. motor

100% copper winding coil, machine wiring,new material stator,low temperature rise,stable working
(aluminum winding coil for your choice available,different stator length for your choice also)


2. Impeller

PPO Plastic impeller (multistage impellers)


3. Rotor and shaft

Surface moisture proof ,anti rust treatment
Carbon steel shaft or 304 stainless steel shaft

Exploded View


Production line


Quality control

heed the ISO 9001 quality management system.
From conception to testing to approval prior to acceptance, from a sample to a batch purchase
The materials from our vendors are inspected before entering our warehouse.
to create a quality control plan and operation instructions.
It was discovered by test equipment during production, and a second spot check was performed before to distribution.

Installation instruction

The location of the pumps must be drywell-ventilated and have an ambient temperature of no more than 40°C (Fig.A). To prevent vibration, secure the pump using the proper bolts on a stable, flat surface. To ensure that the bearings function properly, the pump must be mounted horizontally. The intake pipe's diameter cannot be less than the intake motor's. Use a pipe with a bigger diameter if the intake height is greater than 4 meters. The deliverypipe's diameter must be selected to match the flow rate and pressure necessary at the takeoff sites. To prevent the development of air locks, the intake pipe must be slightly inclined up toward the intake mouth (Fig.B). Ensure that the intake pipe is fully submerged and sealed.


a wooden box, a honeycomb box, or an interior carton box with a different color


Priority bulk cargo or full container loading in the ports of Ningbo, Shanghai, and Yiwu.


If the sample is expensive, there may be a fee; if you place a formal order, consider a charge refund.
Could check sample shipment by land, sea, or even air as you like.

Payment term

T/T term: 20% deposit in advance, 80% balance against copy of bill of lading
L/C term: usually payable at sight
D/P term, 20% deposit in advance, 80% balance of D/P at sight
Credit insurance: 20% down payment first, 80% balance OA 60 days after the insurance company gives us the report


The product warranty period is 13 months (calculated from the date of bill of lading). According to the relevant vulnerable parts and components, if there is a manufacturing quality problem belonging to Supplier  during the warranty period, Supplier shall be responsible for providing or replacing the repair parts after the joint identification and confirmation of both parties. The quotation of conventional products does not include any proportion of accessories. During the warranty period, according to the actual feedback, we will negotiate to provide vulnerable parts for maintenance, and some parts may need to be purchased with compensation. Any quality problems can be reported  for research and negotiation.

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